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Hello! I’m Kari Switala, the author of Living with the Lid Up: Hilarious life lessons from a wife, mother & entrepreneur!More About Me
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The Hematoma Hunk
The Hematoma Hunk

I was 19 years old and home on summer break when I noticed something weird on my chest just above my right breast. It looked like a pink mole, which naturally freaked me out. At first it was quite small…

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The Bubble Gum Blunder: Turning A Mistake Into a Marketing Opportunity!
The Bubble Gum Blunder: Turning A Mistake Into a Marketing Opportunity!

The “Bubble Gum Blunder” sounds like an intriguing title right? Well it’s actually quite a funny story (which didn’t seem too funny at the time) when I took a mistake I made and turned it into a marketing opportunity!

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The Importance of Setting Client Expectations Up Front
The Importance of Setting Client Expectations Up Front

A year ago, my husband and I were walking through land we own in Northern Minnesota when we came to my favorite spot. As we stood there admiring the tall white pines and the blue skies, I said, “I have an idea!” To which my husband groaned, did a little eyeball roll, and said, “This

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Living with the Lid Up

Living with the Lid Up is a collection of hilarious and humbling stories designed to show business professionals how sharing their personal stories can help them connect and cultivate relationships with their customers, prospects, and employees too!

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In this time of social media, it’s so easy to hide behind technology rather than make a deep connection with a human, let alone a client. In this hilarious and touching book, Kari gets to the heart of the matter: it’s about stories! By sharing her stories, Kari frees you to tell your own so you can connect with your clients. Grab a copy of this book for yourself and give copies to ten of your favorite clients!

Ursula MentjesAward-winning author and owner of Sales Coach Now

In Living with the Lid Up, Kari has truly embodied the belief that you should bring your whole self to everything you do. That means to leadership, business, life—the whole package! She shares her personal stories with a humorous vulnerability that speaks to the soul of every working person. Kari knows and understands the power of storytelling, how it connects us and helps build relationships. With each chapter, you will laugh out loud and ponder the lessons learned. Definitely a fun read that reminds us we are only human!

Lani BasaCEO and lead facilitator, The BWC

Kari is a true storyteller when it comes to authentically sharing her experiences. What sets her apart is her application. I never would have guessed that Kari’s life and times with her sons, Max and Sam, could impact the decisions I make in my business on a daily basis. A very entertaining and informative page-turner! 

Tara SchmakelFounding partner, Integrus Global

Kari brings a smile to your face on every page of her stories. But she also gets you thinking—and smiling—about your own. Positive and fun, Living with the Lid Up shows you how you can

actually build your business and client loyalty through story-telling!

Nancy GiacomuzziExecutive director, BNI Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin