The Importance of Setting Client Expectations Up Front

The Importance of Setting Client Expectations Up Front

A year ago, my husband and I were walking through land we own in Northern Minnesota when we came to my favorite spot. As we stood there admiring the tall white pines and the blue skies, I said, “I have an idea!” To which my husband groaned, did a little eyeball roll, and said, “This should be good.” (insert sarcastic look here).

I then proceeded to tell him about my vision to build a treehouse in the tall white pines. This would be a place where we could come and relax, read a book, write a blog, etc. I was envisioning a treehouse similar to one of the projects on the show Treehouse Builders. If you’re not familiar with that show, picture the treehouse from the movie The Swiss Family Robinson. You get the picture right? Big. Elaborate. Expensive.

After I laid out my vision, my husband said something I’ve heard only a few times in our 15 years of marriage. He said, “I think that’s a great idea!” After the initial shock wore off and I checked to see if he was feeling all right, we began walking back to our cabin while creating a mental checklist of all of the items we would need.

The next weekend, my husband began building the treehouse. After several weeks of hard labor, he asked me to come and check out his progress. I was ecstatic and instantly saw myself drinking a glass of Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay while reading my new Lorna Landvik book and enjoying the gentle breeze of the white pine trees.

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